Bullying isn't Funny!

Now hear it from a Comedian...

Stunt Ventriloquist and Comedian Tim Holland, The Puppet Tamer


Topics Covered...

  • What is Bullying and what is not
  • Bystanders
  • Cyberbullying
  • Rumors
  • Tattling vs. Telling
  • Laughing WITH not AT

Why is Al the Alien Pretending to be an Elf? Watch the Video to find out...



FORMAT - 45minute Assembly Presentation, followed by workshops

What People are Saying about the Puppet Tamer Show...


"Educational, humourous and engaging!  An anti-bullying message was
sensitively delivered in a clever and positive way for all learners to
enjoy - young and old alike!"

Lorena Haley-Twiss
Ridpath Junior Public School

"I would highly recommend Tim and his program.  Our students were fully
engaged throughout his performance, and his message around anti-bullying
had a huge impact.  His use of humour and ventriloquism really help him
get his message through, and kept everyone laughing!"

-Stephen Fisher, Principal
Edmison Heights Public School

"Your presentation was outstanding. You and the puppets had the entire
audience, from 4 year old children to the adults, engaged and laughing
from start to finish. The underlying theme or message of anti-bullying was
very present. I look forward to seeing you and 'Crackers' again. "

-B. Sinclair Principal,
North Cavan P.S.

"Staff were raving, students were thrilled, a great performance!"

-Paul Schlegel, Principal
Manchester Public School
Cambridge, Ontario

"Students and Staff, from the youngest to the oldest, all loved the performance.
There's so much we can learn when we laugh together."

Carolyn Baechler
Vice Principal
Elgin Street Public School

"You have such an engaging manner with both students and teachers - you
had everyone laughing, gasping, cheering and clapping!  The older students
especially loved your sense of humour, while the younger ones were
mesmerized by your talking puppets."

Brenda Foster, Principal
North Shore Public School

"Immediately after you finished the day several teachers approached me to
tell me how wonderful your presentation was. One class wrote me a 'letter'
on a balloon! Each child wrote comments like "I loved the puppet show!
Thank you for booking it!" and "The puppets were awesome! I could never do
that myself!" and "Thank you for the amazing show. My favourite part was
the unicycle!"
I think its safe to say you were a hit :)

Kerry Norris, Principal
Westmount Public School

The Puppet Tamer was the perfect show to bring the message of anti
bullying and humour to our school in the middle of winter!  Laughter was
heard throughout the show from the youngest to the oldest in the room. Tim
is creative and a true entertainer.  The show and the workshops were
interactive, creative and fun! Thanks Tim.

Barbara Shaw
Highland Heights PS


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